An instructional video on how to make a curve panel with the help of a vacuum press.
A sapele 15 lite door assembled with 36 dowels in 10 min.
White oak oval windows built over a couple of weeks. All laminated jambs and some sticking.
The start of 4 reproduction urns. By craftsman Samuel McIntyre.
A little time lapse to finish shape before carving
Reproduction urns modeled after Samuel mcintires work at the derby summer house. Massachusetts
A carved bed with custom rosemahling
A carved white oak panel used as a center piece on a main door.
A Vacum pressed Mahogany Panel
A walnut Carved bed finial
All the videos from July 2010
Made this jig in 2003 still workin great!!
What I did with some future fire wood...I should have done this sooner..This wood is going to be used for a massive workbench..
Windows we made in summer of 2010..Problem was, they were 10 foot wide by 15 tall and weighed 750 lbs... no problem
Dual conveyer. Cutting up some 1/4" veneers out of quartersawn white oak.