A new Idea

After thinking about a new website and all the challenges it could present  I set myself down and finally looked at some pictures of work done over the last 18 years. It is strange thinking all these years of work stand in contrast to how I actually feel about it. Circumstances in my life have given me these opportunities mostly. My Father-in-law has really made it possible for me to do this kind of varied work, working for myself and the family business, Krumpen Woodworks, for the last 18 years. And,  at times I felt I was not" cut out" for this kind of work. Most people tell me that I absolutely "must love it" ; I can now say, without a doubt, yes I do.

      It is not just being "talented" or having the "right tools";  it is so much more than that. To be able to overcome any challenge that presents itself; that is what I have gained. I could tell you every detail of every job, every nuance. As a woodworker, you work over in your mind every scenario, every difficulty, day by day, minute by minute even the tactile feel from piece to piece. Even when I am running parts through the planer I am thinking about the next step. It has been stated that to master any specialty 10,000 hours are required. Well, I have certainly put the time in and really  no longer view any job as a challenge, just a procedure. Over years of repetitive work and understanding even those I work with. I view it more as a "feel". Every moment will have its challenges but nothing is impossible. Once recently, a client asked me if  " I could do the Job" and in my mind it was already designed. I said "Yeah" no problem..He looked at me in awe and wanted me to describe what I would do..I realized at that moment the experience gathered from my father-in-law..the experience of Lou who has worked for our company for 57 years... and all the things that I thought were tough no longer hold that allure. Every moment is an "experience" not a" challenge" Sure, their are bad days when you wonder if your in your body..But every day will be different; .different work and a different "flow" and this "flow" of work  is hard to describe. It is that moment when imagination, forethought and just plain old hard work converge on a piece of organic material.  And it is very special when I go home after a long day and after hugging my daughters they say:

"You smell like wood dad, I love that."

And I reply... "yeah... so do I."